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Single/Double Grate Pot

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  • One-pot multi-layer high arch aluminum cover larger capacity easy cooking. Combined with multi-purpose aluminum steamer and independent aluminum steaming grid the steamer soup pot can be switched at will

One-pot multi-layer, high arch aluminum cover, larger capacity, easy cooking. Combined with multi-purpose aluminum steamer and independent aluminum steaming grid, the steamer soup pot can be switched at will, the upper layer is steamed and the lower layer is cooked, and the cooking is not delayed at the same time, saving time and effort. The original taste, nutrition and delicious steamed out, making cooking a more enjoyable experience. Aluminum is a good conductor of heat, and its thermal conductivity is three times greater than that of iron. Industrially, aluminum can be used to make various heat exchangers, heat dissipation materials, and cooking utensils. Many cooking utensils used in homes are also made of aluminum.

Therefore, the heat conduction performance is good, and the heat accumulation layer is in place (the whole pot is heated evenly, which can be quickly opened, the food is easy to cook, the layer is heated evenly, and the pot is not paste, no need to worry about cooked and not penetrated). Rivets reinforce the stainless steel aluminum handle. Applicable to a variety of stoves (gas, oven, electric stove, induction cooker). Adhere to quality, safe and secure,  single and double grate pot to let you use at ease, eat at ease, the quality of real materials is very guaranteed.

Thicken the lid to lock in nutrition. Reduce the loss of water and nutrients, increase the water vapor circulation speed. Steamed grate layered, combined cooking. Layered design, time-saving, energy-saving and large capacity, and food will be available soon. Healthy aluminum, increase capacity. Thick aluminum, durable, complete specifications, large capacity. Insulated pot ears, reinforced and heat-resistant. Humanized design, strengthen heat resistance, make the cooking process more at ease. Thicken the bottom of the heat conduction pot. Thick and durable, fast heat conduction.


Material Aluminium
Handles Stainless steel handle
Surface Treatment Surface Treatment




Eco-friendly, harmless, elegant appearance, portable Used for cooking. Aluminium conducts and retains heat very well, is lightweight affordable and doesn't rust 一 but aluminium alone is incompatible with induction.

Product description;

Because of its health benefits, steaming has become a popular method of cooking. In South East Asia many cakes and desserts are cooked in a steamer. The base pot is where water is boiled and perforated trays are placed above to cook the food. Food is placed on plates, oiled paper or muslin to cook. There is very little mess to clear up and the hot water in the base pot can be used to wash up at the end of the meal.




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