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Heathy Home Wok

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  • Uncoated wok cooking is more healthy: it helps to supplement the iron element the longer it is used the better the physical non-stick effect. Uniform heating design: The heat spreads quickly so that the food contact surface is heated evenly.

1. Uncoated wok cooking is more healthy: it helps to supplement the iron element, the longer it is used, the better the physical non-stick effect.


2. Uniform heating design: The heat spreads quickly, so that the food contact surface is heated evenly.


3. Not afraid of steel shovel wire ball


4. Introduction of pot handles: 

(1) Hard wooden handle, comfortable to feel;

(2) Threaded rivets, fixed to the internal threads of the staples; 

(3) Staples fixed to the internal slot of the handle;

(4) The top of the handle is made of steel The ring and the ring are fixed to each other, so that all the supporting structures can exert their effects; 

(5) Fixing the pot handle stamping rivet: integrated receiving technology, stable link, the handle and the pot body do not fall off, firm and durable; 

(6) hangable handle: handle Hanging design, effective space saving, easy to use; 

(7) handle LOGO design: the handle can adopt LOGO design, more beautiful and decent.


5. The bottom of the pan is not picking the stove: the cast iron pan is die cast, the bottom is thick and thin, and the cooking is evenly heated.


6. Get a table of food in one pot: flat bottom wok, multi-function, all-in-one


7. Product Details:

Type: wok

Wok type:Non-rusting

Application:Gas Cooker

Metal type:Cast iron

Place of Origin:Chongqing China 


Brand Name: Vayne

Handle:wooden handle,bakelite,Silica gel,stainless steel.


Color:black,golden,silver white.

Inner diameter:30,32,34,36cm



8. Opening guide:

(1) After washing with detergent for the first time, wipe off the water and bake it with a small fire.

(2) After the pot is hot, use vegetable oil to repeatedly wipe every corner of the country.

(3) Rinse with hot water and bake on low heat (from now on it is forbidden to wash the pot with lotion, and do not use the iron pot to cook the soup, it will damage the oil film.)

(4) Repeat heating, rubbing and washing three times, then apply cooking oil, then apply cooking oil and let stand overnight


9. Daily maintenance tips:

(1) To prevent rust and mild corrosion (basic knowledge of acid and alkali corrosion resistant iron).

After washing the pot, first dry it with a rag, and then burn the stove or open fire such as an open flame or induction cooker until the moisture disappears. (Because this pot does not have any chemical treatment and no coating protection, the condiment has a slight corrosion effect on the iron pot, it needs to be dried and baked with moisture, and evenly coated with a layer of vegetable oil to protect it for next use).

(2) The formation of pot gas is often used to develop oily black and round, which is called pot gas.

In the early stage of the new pot, there may be a phenomenon of burnt yellow and black. This phenomenon is that the cooking oil is burnt and attached to the pot after high temperature. Don't care, often use the thick black oil that will slowly change, and slowly develop a round pot surface Achieve the effect of not sticking as you use it, and not rusting as you use it.

(3) Avoid sticking to the pan to improve cooking skills.

How can fried fish keep its skin unbroken? Heat the oil to a slight smoke on a medium heat. Add the appropriate amount of salt and put the drained fish into the pot. Do not flip the fish body at this time, then flip it again after 2-3 minutes. The fish body is burnt yellow, and the skin remains intact.

(4)  Wok is not suitable for cooking red beans or mung beans, nor for boiling medicine.

(5) Do not use the iron pan to hold the vegetables for a long time or overnight, because the iron pan will dissolve iron under acidic conditions and destroy the vitamin C in the dishes.

(6) Use as little detergent as possible when brushing the pan. After the pan cools, use warm water to clean with bagels. If there is a slight rust in the pot, it can be washed with vinegar.

(7) Please do not burn the pot for a long time to avoid damaging your pot. If people leave, please turn off the fire in time to avoid fire.



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